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This is Why Freedom Remains in Broadcasting

Freedom Broadcasting was formed to use the power of the Web to release the message of Christian conservatives.  This has become a struggle in America as “news” outlets that we’ve all became familiar with, over time, have abandoned an unbiased approach to reporting and moved aggressively to propel a divisive leftist agenda throughout the U.S. The result is an increasingly violent surge in racism, not to mention an erosion in moral behavior and an assault on both First Amendment and Second Amendment rights.

You’ll have a range of healthy and family-friendly choices to read our commentary-based news.  Some of our sites are purely political, but the conservative philosophy shared by our writers will be consistent throughout.  That will never mean that we praise everything that any Republican does.  In fact, we might be seen as harder on our own kind when they lose their way.

But you can also expect rigorous examination of the games that liberals play and frank commentary about issues that continue to drive wedges between our citizens.

Sites to check out:

Deplorables Daily – We will be tracking the moves of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

My Election Analysis – The election might be behind us, but there’s still plenty of room to examine the issues that divide voters.

And, if you’re a Christian in this world, you might enjoy our unabashedly faith-based content at:

Facing Purity – This is one man’s online journal about living in a world that heaps pressure on those who desire to meet higher standards.

Christian Word – Our lone UK-based platform is rooted in sharing the biblical Word, and relating that wisdom to the matters we face as humans.

We will keep you posted as we add new blog sites to the fold, but please jump on board and become involved in the debate!